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Westbury Safety Notes

White Horse (WNW-NNW, Bratton Camp (NNW-N).

When the winds are NNW it may be possible and safe for pilots to use both take offs, and in such conditions the whole extent of the site becomes flyable. For other wind directions you must choose which take off to use and take care to assess the true wind direction. Just because people are flying from a particular take off does not mean that it is safe for you to join them – always check for yourself. In particular if the wind is west of NNW then the Bratton Camp side will possibly be in rotor (if it is W or WNW then this will definitely be the case) and conversely if the wind is east of NNW then the White Horse take-off and bowl in front of the White Horse will be in rotor. During the day keep a careful eye on whether the wind direction is shifting and act appropriately.

If the wind is from the North, the slope to the West of the White Horse may well be working, but is still best accessed by gaining height from the Bratton side and then flying across well out from the White Horse bowl. In these conditions, taking off from the White Horse take off is not advisable.

If the wind is West then the lift band is very small and the flying not great, essentially just the spurs in front of the White Horse take-off will work. This is not advised by the club and certainly not for inexperienced pilots.

If the wind goes anything south of West, however, then the flying will at best be rough and potentially dangerous - please do not fly in these conditions.

If the wind goes east of NNE then the Bratton take-off becomes dangerous – you must not fly in these conditions.

Reported on 03/06/2020 by Wesley Murch