Cam Long Down
Grid Reference
ST 773 995
Nearest Postcode
Site Code
Wind Direction
Height ASL (Feet)
Height TTB (Feet)
Site Officer
Benjamin Dry (07476 539494)
No training. The site should only be flown by significantly experienced pilots, after a full briefing by someone already experienced at the site, due to multiple hazards detailed in this guide.
This is an Open Site. Please abide by Avon Club Rules and if you are not a club member read the section for Non-Members.
Park in the car park on the north side at the south end, inside the gate. Do not park on the grass.
Walk up to the saddle and follow the path going north.
Take Off
The take-off has been cleared somewhat to allow launches again. There are still significant amounts of vegetation to be avoided, from bushes to full-blown trees.
Local Flying
The ridge is small and so is the lift band so take care. Pilots should be aware of the bushes and the possibility of being blown back as it is a spine-back ridge.
XC Flying
Small site and not often used but may offer potential for paragliders.
Top Landing
It is a spine-back ridge so top landing on a hang-glider is not recommended. Depending on the vegetation, it is possible to land a paraglider near the top of the hill.
Bottom Landing
The car park area. Beware that the ground slopes away towards power lines and houses! If in doubt, do not fly.
Stroud or Gloucester.
Coming from Dursley, you take Long Street out of town. Click below for a map if unsure.
Ordnance Survey Sheet

Latest Flying Diary Entries for Cam Long Down

30/11/13 Richard Miller - Lovely sunny soaring with mostly smooth lift and great views (Ok, the views are mainly of Dairy Crest, but still pretty good). Great site for this sort of day.

05/11/12 Paul C - First time at this site. 11am wind surprisingly strong at top. Tricky take-off with wind, mud, and prickly ground snagging lines. May have been soarable with skill, but once I'd cleared the trees on takeoff, I drifted away for a 2min top to bottom. Then headed to Selsley.

04/06/12 Richard Miller - My 1st flight at this site, thankfully in the company of the Safety Officer, who also flew. Wind was light under 7/8 cloud cover, but smack on so after a bit of GH launched into a flock of swifts and wafted up to 400 ft ato. Bit more difficult after the birds b*ggered orf but still fun for as long as it lasted. Interesting alternative to Lecky for those around Stroud.

19/02/12 Wayne S - Great days flying, got bored on selsley so crossed super low onto main fros ridge, pretty much straight lined to fros throu sum nice climbs,waited for iain s to catch up then took a glide from about 500ft ?? From the point at fros direct to cam long, iain made it but i bottled it, got in2 big nw bowl at fros,great climb to get the height to crosswind to cam long , followed by wayne and rob k, rang kate from the air for retrieve and then soared untill she arrived :) happy days and a 1st i think

28/01/12 Wayne Buckland - A nice 1 1/2 hrs soaring with Wayne S and 5-6 buzzards to keep us company, and a few nice little thermals thrown in for good measure.Nice to fly a little used site

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