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Welcome to the Avon Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club Website

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Avon has a long tradition and is one of the oldest clubs in Britain. Our main objectives are to maintain and negotiate safe flying sites, assist new pilots and develop their skills, and keep a safe and fun environment for all pilots to enjoy and share the sport.

We frequently organise events, meets, and talks with skilled pilots, wing designers and famous faces from across the PG, HG and aviation world. The club also gives awards to new and developing pilots for major milestones in their paragliding career.

Avon regularly enters teams and pilots into competitions of all levels, as well as hosting our own competitive league, with prizes and awards.

Other important club activities include safety-focussed sessions such as reserve repacks and throws, new site briefings and pilot training sessions.

The club has 40+ active coaches across our flying area, who are ready to help new club pilots develop their skills, and sign off tasks needed for their pilot rating.

  20/09/2018 - New Highgrove House LOA here

  20/11/2014 - CANP (Midweek Flying Notification) info now here

  17/09/2014 - Gliding Club at Frocester information here for download

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