Why Join Avon?

Castlemorton Common, Late 1975

To get your Club Pilot you have to join one of the BHPA affiliated clubs. These clubs are non commercial organisations created to help free flyers. Avon has a long tradition and is one of the oldest clubs in Britain. The main job of any club is to liase with landowners to keep flying sites open to all. We look after many sites in the area, and this is where a fair amount of our membership fees go. It is a misperception that you can fly anywhere, every site has to be negotiated and rules agreed.

As well as providing sites to fly from we also try to give the support you need once you have left your school. Club coaches can provide advice on flying the local sites. We also run low airtimer weekends to help you improve your flying.

There is also a competitive side to the club. Individuals can prove them selves by submitting flights to the club XC leagues. You can learn loads about flying by joining one of the teams that fly inter club competitions.

Finally, the club has a strong social side to it. We have monthly meetings at a local pub. At these evenings, you will get the chance to get to know the club members. We also try to organise talks or activities at these meetings. We also run several other events during the year. Anybody is welcome, even if you are just considering taking up the sport you are welcome to come along.

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